Clocks Tick, Gas Cans Roll


Time seems to stand still in the mid-day sun that bleaches the tan surroundings white with its oppressive light. The refugee camps take on an eerie quietness at this time of day, that hints at the 45 years of ‘quietness’ in response to the Saharawi people’s peaceful pursuit of justice. Yet while the waiting gives the impression that exile here is timeless, the regular distribution of international aid serves as a symbol of the ticking clock. The gas cans that are laboriously rolled down sandy paths every month remind the residents of how many months have added up to 45 years of monotony. 45 years of lack of progress toward the justice they deserve. 45 years of estrangement from their homeland and their families.

While the rest of the world has experienced just a taste of this – of options being taken away, of monotony, of being trapped, of the unknown – let’s remember that the Saharawi have been in this position we’re temporarily experiencing for 45 years. That’s several generations who have known nothing but this waiting period. If you have extra time on your hands these days, consider using some of it to tell others about the Saharawi cause. Share blog posts, share news articles, follow Not Forgotten International on Facebook, check out some of the other Facebook pages we share there. We’re committed to making sure that the passing time and endless routines don’t erase these people and the injustices committed against them.

Post By: Heather Jost, August 4th, 2020

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