Join us to empower the Saharawi through storytelling and education – to share their story with the world.

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The Saharawi are a people group from Western Sahara – who have for 41 years lived in refugee camps in the Sahara Desert, longing to one day return home.

They are remarkable for their resolve, love, patience and integrity. The Saharawi yearn for a voice; they want space to share their stories. Not Forgotten International desires to give them a platform to share their stories and their lives.

These men and women will not beg you for an ear, but we request it on their behalf. Many nations and individuals have chosen silence, apathy and ignorance.

This is a chance to choose differently – to listen and to act on their behalf.

From NFI Executive Director Micah Neely

We are reminding the world of those who’ve been forgotten.

Not Forgotten International is a humanitarian aid organization that has existed since 2008 to serve the Saharawi – the people of Western Sahara.

We stand for their honor as advocates by speaking up where they do not have opportunities to represent themselves. We use English as a tool to empower them so their voices can be heard in the global community. We encourage their pursuit of freedom and cause of self-determination through education.

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To represent intrinsic value and priceless worth.

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To stand alongside in efforts to support dignity and cause.

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To aid in the pursuit of freedom and foundational human rights.

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