Advocacy Efforts

The Saharawi have a story. The Saharawi have a voice.

At the core, the Saharawi narrative appears to be centered on justice; it’s an account of a people who were played by Spain, then sold out to Morocco and Mauritania during the decolonization of Africa. At the UN’s proposed referendum, the Saharawi chose peaceful resolution and put down their weapons. What ensued was years of exile without resolve. The Saharawi have waited in the desert without a home and without freedom. Where do they turn? Their neighbors have taken advantage of them and exploited their resources. The international community ignores them. The UN has been idle for over 25 years—merely a string of broken promises.

This story is more than a pursuit of justice. The story is about the powerful and weak. It is the tension between war and peace. It is about betrayal, disregard, and apathy by those who could have helped, could have cared, and could have made a difference. It is about an inspiring people looking to overcome adversity, finding a way to realize their dream despite the odds. The story is not over. The ending is yet to be written.

How We Advocate 

Our advocacy effort is to aid the Saharawi with the necessary resources and skills to share their story. We share their story on their behalf on international platforms that are not available to the Saharawi. These platforms include the following: the United Nations, universities, schools, community events, and friends and family. Our goal is to share their story with integrity, consistency, and dignity.


NFI collaborates with Saharawi Voice on specific projects which promote the dignity of the Saharawi people.