Not Forgotten International is a humanitarian aid organization that exists to serve refugees and other oppressed or suffering people around the world. While there are many organizations with similar missions, Not Forgotten International is unique due to its central purpose revolving around the development of strong and ongoing relationships with the people groups it serves.

Not Forgotten International is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Wisconsin, USA.

Our mission is to put an immediate end to the last illegally occupied country in Africa – Western Sahara – which would result in the freedom of the Western Sahara citizens to reunite and live in peace in their homeland country after 38 years of forced exile and human rights abuses.

We stand for their honor as advocates by speaking up where they do not have opportunities to represent themselves. We use English as a tool to empower so their voices can be heard in the global community. We encourage their pursuit of freedom and cause of self-determination through education.