Essalam English School

Essalam English Center is a place where Saharawi are able to learn an international language to tell their story to the world.  The goal of the school is to prepare adult students to communicate conversationally in English, both informally and professionally. Established at the request of the Saharawi, the school was officially inaugurated. The school was officially inaugurated in March of 2005 as Essalam (the Arabic word for “peace”) English Center. 

Essalam English Center brings a high quality English language program to over 150 students in the refugee camps.  The program uses a Cambridge curriculum, a technology audio-lab, and most importantly, native English speakers. 

Essalam English Center aims to equip the next generation to use their voice to share their story, as well as make a difference in their community and internationally.  

This center is more than learning the English language: the aim of the school is to inspire the Saharawi to use their voice more effectively, eloquently, and powerfully.

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