Dialogue for Peace

Since 2006, religious leaders of the people of Western Sahara and Algeria have met in the refugee camps with Christian and Islamic scholars, and others from the international community to facilitate a better understanding between these two important faiths that are often used to create social and political discord.  It is our belief that through public dialog, respect and understanding, we can help to build relationships while mitigating future potential conflicts and unrest. This annual event, sanctioned by the Western Sahara government, sends a clear message to their people that communication, study and learning between followers of Jesus and Mohammad can bring about positive change.

The Dialogue for Peace is designed to be just that – dialogue, not debate. The peaceful people of Western Sahara highly value sitting together and talking with respect and dignity, eager to learn from one another. This attitude has carried through to the Dialogue. Friendships are being forged where once only ancient walls of hostility existed. 

As one participant said, “I have spent my life fighting this evil religion of Christianity. I had never seen a good face to it. But, now that I have, I want the rest of the Muslim world to see and experience this good face of Christianity. We must take this to every continent.”  This is the kind understanding and bridge-building that is integral to peaceful relations and the social health of all of the people that we are privileged to serve in the Western Sahara.

For security purposes, faces of Dialogue participants are not shown.

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