URGENT NEWS - Torrential rains leave refugee families without shelter

Posted by Holly Jerrett on October 22, 2015 @ 3:27 PM

URGENT NEWS from the Desert.... 

The Saharawi refugee camps are experiencing a disastrous crisis, as torrential rains have been pouring down all week, and predictions are that it will continue until this weekend.   This is an extremely rare occurrence, and is resulting in widespread flooding and collapsing of the mud-brick houses in which the refugees live.  The people are fleeing to higher ground to escape the collapsing of walls as the rains continue to pour.    

So many families have moved out and up to higher ground. There has been widespread damage to property, and since the rains are still coming there is little to be done once things become unstable. It's too dangerous to be working near or in the houses as things could fall at any time. The paths where cars would run turned into rivers and cooperative tents are being used as temp housing. Many families moved their tents to the north edge of the camp where it is higher ground.   

 As of now, our teams on the ground are safe.  However, the home of our field director's family has caved in and they have relocated to a classroom in our English school, which seems to be holding together fairly well.  We are able to keep in close communication.  All normal activities have been suspended, and they are busy helping in their surrounding neighborhoods.    

Many of you are asking how you can help.   The people do not have the means to repair and rebuild after the rains subside. As other critical needs of the Saharawi emerge, we will keep you informed.  If you would like to financially donate to helping with the housing needs of either the general population or with our school's base, you can send your (tax deductible) donations to:  
Not Forgotten International 
P.O. Box 214 
Menasha, WI 54952  

If you prefer to give online: 
-click "Donate Now" 
-login to your "My NFI" account (or set one up if this is your first time here) 
-go to "Giving" 
-Click on "Click here to give now" 
-Go to the "Designated Fund" drop down menu and select "Disaster Relief" 
-Enter your payment information 

Thank you for your care and concern for our friends in the Desert during this critical time.

~Janet Lenz, Executive Director

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